Product update: October 2018

6 November 2018 - 4 min

In this article we talk about 3 subjects: Personalize your webinar room, customized registration links and payment for on demand webinars!

Personalized webinar room

It’s all about branding and being recognizable for your target market. You can now add a logo to your webinar room. This will allow you to give your webinar room that extra touch and helps promote the corporate identity. All you need to do is add a logo to your account, which will be used for all webinars. The logo is visible for all webinars and will be shown in the replays as well.

Check here how to add a logo to your account and webinars. Your webinar room can now be an extension of your corporate identity!

Customized registration links

The numbers tell the tale, we all know that. That's why we always search for more ways to measure the numbers. In the statistics we already show from what source an attendee is coming. We've now added another option.

You can now make several customized links for your registration page. In this way you can measure even more specific where attendees come from.

When is this convenient? For example when you use other people or companies to promote your webinar. You can give everyone of them a specific link and see exactly where subscribers come from. A well used strategy in affiliate marketing.

OR you can make a separate link for a promotion campagne on Facebook and LinkedIn. Check our Help Center how you make and use these links

Offer on demand webinars for a price

We added an option to ask for payment when people would like to view on demand webinars. This allows you to offer a recording of your live webinar for money.

Participants can pay after registration and join the webinar. You will decide for yourself how many minutes someone is allows to view the webinar. This helps you manage the number of times someone can view a certain recording. It will help limit the odds of unauthorized sharing.

Want to learn more about this option? Check out our Help Center for the explanation.

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