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It is that time again! After a month of hard work, our development team has added new features to WebinarGeek.

Replay of Public Chat

You have probably had this happen to you before. You watch the replay of a webinar in which the presenter answers a question from a viewer. Only you have no idea what the question is that the viewer has asked. That’s a thing from the past!

You can now choose to have the Public chat replayed during the replay of the webinar. This creates more context for the replay viewer who was not there during the live webinar.

Enable the chat replay via "Replay settings" or when creating a new webinar.

Inside scoop! This feature will soon be available for the automated webinars.

Password protection webinars

Safety comes first at WebinarGeek. We are often being asked whether it is possible to protect webinars with a password so that only the participants for whom the webinars are intended can view them. This is now possible!

By shielding your webinar, you create exclusivity and scarcity. After all, participants can only watch the webinar if they know the password.

But setting a password for your webinar can also serve as extra security. When you discuss sensitive topics during the webinar, you can exclude outsiders from this webinar. This way, all sensitive information remains available only to the right people.

You can set a password via "Settings" on the "Registration" page.

Visual statistics

A new addition to the statistics shows you exactly how the recording of your webinar was viewed. Under "Viewers" in the "Statistics" you can see in an overview which parts of the recording are viewed more often and which parts are viewed less often. You can also see when viewers drop out of your recording.

New mailing list

A new email list is now available for paid webinars. You can now choose to only send the reminder emails and follow-up emails to participants who have already paid for your paid webinars.

In this way, the mail traffic around your paid webinar is better controlled and only the paying participants receive more information about the webinar.

Do you want to see the latest features in action? Then sign up for the Product update September 2020 webinar. Our webinars experts tell you everything about the new features with a short demo. This way you can get started immediately afterward!

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