Product update: Webinar channels

24 September 2019 - 4 min

Product update: WebinarGeek Channels 

Create easily a channel, where you can announce future webinars and offer on demand webinars. A complete overview of all your webinars. 

As a progressive marketer it’s easy to understand you might have a beautiful collection of webinars that are more than worth a watch. It would be a shame to not make this content available for everybody that might be interested in it. And, therefore, might be interesting for your business. Here at WebinarGeek, it’s always been a challenge to find a way to give on demand webinars more attention. And at the same time, create a place where you can also announce your upcoming webinars. So you’d be able to score some easy registrations.

Give your webinars the spotlight they deserve on your own webinar channel!

And that’s why we are very happy to share our newest feature: WebinarGeek Channels!

Available for premium plans and up. You can create your own channel in just a few steps and publish it online. Using your very own webinar channel, you’ll give your webinars their rightful place on the web and you can make them an integral part of your own website.

Add all your webinars with just one embed

After you created and published your channel, all existing and new webinars will be automatically added. This can obviously be changed for each individual webinar, so you’ll always be able to exclude one from your channel.

Your own channel can be reached using an unique URL that is connected to the subdomain of your WebinarGeek account. But it’s also possible to embed your channel on your own website.

A professional appearance, without too much work

For now, we chose simplicity. Webinars got a central place, the spotlight they deserve. Edit the title or introduction text and check out the overview of all future live webinars and available on demand webinars.

Generate more impact with an on demand strategy

A channel is the perfect way to give your on demand webinars the attention they deserve. It would be a waste to not reuse this valuable content. Starting from now, it’s no longer needed to keep that content hidden from the public. Show it off! Add the on demand webinars on your channel and provide an overview of all your webinar content.

WebinarGeek Channels ensure an audience that stays involved and interested

Generate more viewers for your webinars

All channels are optimized for Google. This means your webinars will more easily pop up in the search engine. Because of this, more visitors will automatically end up on your own webinar channel and can easily subscribe to webinars.

Generate more leads for your webinars

Visitors of your channel can sign up for future updates. As soon as you published a new webinar, they’ll get an automated message.

Throw your webinar into a higher gear

Sounds good, right? Luckily, creating your own webinar is extremely simple. Let's go!

When you own a Premium or Advanced plan, follow these steps:

1. Log into your WebinarGeek account.

2. Click on "Channel" in the upper menu.

3. Click on "Create your own channel"

4. Enter the title and description.

5. Choose a language.

6. And choose if you’d like to generate leads for upcoming webinars.

7. Click on "Publish" and your channel will be live.

Check out our Help Center afor all available documentation about webinar channels.

Ready to share your channel with the world?

1. Share the direct link.

2. Or click on "Share" and choose on which platform you’d like to share your channel.

3. The third option is to embed your channel on your own website.

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