LearnAI x WebinarsA recap of the first AI hackathon
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In December 2023, WebinarGeek’s developers worked on the first-ever AI Hackathon. Developers hustled for three days straight, brainstorming and testing out new prototypes achievable with AI. They also explored other possibilities.

During the hackathon, we tossed around ideas about feasibility, costs, and key considerations. Here's a quick rundown of the prototypes we've been testing. Quick heads up: these prototypes aren't live yet; we're still fine-tuning. 

Subtitles & transcribe

One super exciting prototype in the works: real-time subtitles for live webinars. Choose whether you want them in your language or get them translated. Speak English? No problem – get those instant subtitles in any other language. Afterwards, you can download a transcription of it. With transcriptions enabled, other powerful content can be created, such as: 

  • Create whitepapers from transcripts 

  • Add subtitles

  • Analyze the presentation and see when viewers were most engaged

  • Translating and sharing presentations worldwide

Trim videos

Automatically adjust the start and end point of your replay. AI sees when you start greeting your audience in your webinar and gives you a starting point. You can shorten your webinar recording that way. Awkward silences at the beginning of the replay are (almost) a thing of the past.

Simulated chatbot

Imagine adding AI-generated audience members to your automated webinar. Set up characters like a cheerful viewer or a grumpy one. These simulated AI viewers can even message each other in the chat. No need to come up with simulated chat messages - let AI create them for you. Boost engagement with an AI viewer. Real viewers can interact with the simulated ones, making your webinar more memorable. Create more engagement with an AI attendee and let your viewers connect.

Analyze webinar results

Dig into your webinar results. Add statistics and see how well your webinar converted, how the audience received it, and what the highlights were. Instant insights for tweaking your next webinar. After each live session, you'll know exactly where to improve.

Laptop with meeting and screen with code

Future Plans and Schedule

The plan? First up, get the webinar analyzer ready. In March, drop the transcript and live subtitles. Our goal? Have the first AI tools up and running on WebinarGeek by the end of Q1. 

Lots of insights into how some of the AI tools like ChatGPT work and how we can integrate them. Great new ideas were brought up, adding to a long list of opportunities.

Transcriptions are core to many of these features, for which it makes sense to start with first.

One challenge is that none of the prototypes are GDPR-compliant, which means we can't enable them by default. Also, some AI tools are more expensive than expected. We still need to explore alternative tools. To be continued!

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