Teach classes with webinars

12 March 2020 - 2 min

The world is under the spell of the COVID-19 virus. Companies increasingly focus on working from home, events are relieved at a rapid pace. But now that the government has announced that classes should be given online whenever possible in the Netherlands, a solution is needed.

Students can easily take classes from home using the right materials, including webinars.

How do you teach using webinars?

Setting up a webinar is very simple. No professional equipment is needed. It is even possible with the built-in webcam and built-in microphone of your laptop. Setting up is done in no time with the user-friendly webinar software.

Especially when you have a class list with e-mail addresses and a presentation with the curriculum. Then it is a matter of using the correct settings and you're done.

And the students don't need anything else than a good internet connection. You can even watch a webinar on your smartphone!

Do you want to know what to look out for when setting up a webinar? Watch the video below.

We also explained the process of setting up a webinar in 7 simple steps. Everyone can, including you!