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Create a Virtual Background for Webinars

Caroline - WebinarGeek


12 February 2021 - 3 min

We all know that webinars are perfect to host from home. But not everyone has an office or permanent studio with a suitable background. And yet the right background is essential for a webinar. In this blog, we explain how you can create a virtual background for your webinar.

You can create a virtual background in several ways. The fastest and easiest way is to activate your virtual background directly in WebinarGeek. 

What do you need?

  • A WebinarGeek account

Step 1: Activate the background

Activating the virtual background in WebinarGeek is similar to well-known meeting tools like Google Meet. In the preview or live environment, click on the "sparkles" icon ✨.

A menu opens where you can choose between a blurred background or an image. To set a blurred background, choose one of the top three icons. You can also choose the intensity of your blurred background. 

Want to set an image? Then select your favorite image from the library. Your virtual background is now activated! 

Want more options to edit your background? Then you can use external software like mmhmm.app or OBS and hardware like the BlackMagic ATEM Mini to create a background. Read more about using a physical green screen here.

What do you need?

You'll need the following for a virtual background with external software:

  • The mmhmm.app

  • A background photo (optional)

Step 1: Download the app

For this tutorial, we will be using the mmhmm.app software. Download the software and install the app on your computer or laptop.

Restart your browser after installing the app so that the app can be selected as the camera in WebinarGeek.

Step 2: Select the desired background

When you open the app, you will immediately see the image of your webcam with a moving background. This is the background your viewers will see during the webinar.

On the right side of the screen, you have two menus. In the menu 'Rooms' you can change the background. Under 'more rooms' you can choose from many different backgrounds but you can also add your own.

Step 3: Adjust the camera image

In the 'Presenter' menu you see several options that can give your camera image a little spice. For example, choose which side of the screen you want to be in the view, how big your camera view is, and adjust the transparency of your camera view.

In addition, you can also adjust the frame and select the pointer. Do you want to make it really colorful? Then choose one of the different effects.

Step 4: Use the app in a WebinarGeek webinar

Open the WebinarGeek app and open your live webinar via the 'Open live webinar' button. Go to the settings and choose the 'mmhmm Camera' as the camera input. You will now see your creation appear in the webinar.

What else is possible?

The beauty of the mmhmm.app is that you can also visualize your presentation. Upload your presentation via the slides tray in the app. Display the presentation full screen or make it dynamic by using the presentation over the shoulder.

Sharing the screen while still being visible is also possible! In combination with the pointer function, this is the ideal solution for teaching online classes and courses.

It is even possible to play videos on the screen. Make sure you select the mmhmm.app as audio input in the settings of your webinar so that the sound of the video is audible.

If you are hosting a webinar of several hours, you can even use this app to activate an 'away' screen. With this screen you insert a pause without pressing 'stop' and leave the webinar - this is obviously not recommended. The app will show a screen telling you you'll be back soon.

Curious about what else is possible in the mmhmm.app? Download the app and test it yourself in a test webinar.

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