WebinarGeek: On the road to internationalization

10 February 2020 - min

We’ve mentioned it before:

WebinarGeek is going international in 2020.

Soon we will turn over the switch, but we had to do a lot to get to this point. Last week was focused on internationalization, and everyone was there.

It was a long week and we have worked hard, but we also had a lot of fun. And, we reached our goal. Let’s take a look at how this week went by.


It started just like every other week, on Monday morning at 9 AM.

Even before everyone had woken up, we started with a kickoff. We were told what the goal was of the week, we split up into teams and were told our tasks for the day.

And then… #workworkwork

The day went by without too much trouble, and it was over before we knew it.


It was Tuesday morning and spirits were up. The goal for the day? We started with entering documents onto the English website. We were on a roll!

During lunch, we were invited to play the game 30 Seconds in and in groups of 6 persons we went to battle… not literally of course. Although you could cut the tension with a knife - we’re not competitive at all at WebinarGeek.

Tuesday also went by crazy fast.


Wednesday was Comfy Wednesday. Everyone came into the office in a comfy outfit. Complete with sweatpants, slippers, cozy socks and hoodies. Wrapped in comfy clothes we continued where we left off Tuesday afternoon.

In the afternoon, we were served a delicious lunch, we played a Wii tennis match that Wimbledon would be jealous of and we got candy. A lot of candy!

The sugar rush was a little too intense for some. By the end of the afternoon, the guys were completely fixated on their FIFA Champions League games and the ladies… Well, let’s say that we were hungry and the pizza delivery guys were late. We ended Wednesday with pizza, table tennis and more 30 seconds.



But then came Thursday, and despite the exhaustion and some systems overheating, we powered through.

I’m pretty sure, if you ask any member of the WebinarGeek team what we did on Thursday they will be pretty confused. At least we worked hard on our app and our emails.

Meanwhile, Kiki just enjoyed the rays of sunshine.



Friday was spent dotting the I’s.

All of our hard work was checked and double-checked. Our texts were spell checked, subtitles were added to our videos, our SEO was checked and we argued about who could use the television to play games. The age-old struggle of FIFA vs. Mario Kart.

We ended the week with Friday drinks and went home feeling satisfied.

We managed to complete a lot in the last week and the time has almost come. Keep up with our social channels to know when our international website goes live.