WebinarGeek Stays Home

16 April 2020 - 3 min

It’s been about a month since we started working from home at WebinarGeek. As a digital company, we adapted to working from home quite easily. A lot of the software that we used in the office we still use while working from home. For example, we use Slack and Whereby to communicate with each other. Google Drive to keep all of our (shared) documents in one place. And of course, we use WebinarGeek to host webinars and communicate with customers and viewers.

Working from home for an extended period of time has been a (and still is) a journey and all of us are experiencing it differently. “Even though I am more focused on working from home and being more productive than ever, it’s completely different without the human connection we get from being at the office.”, says Maggie, our UX Designer.

What do we do while working from home?

Of course, we are not the only company working from home. With more than half of the country working remotely, we realized that our software had more to offer than we thought. And so we were met with a different challenge. The signup rate increased rapidly and the amount of hosted webinars went through the roof. Our team had to switch gears to help and support all of those new customers that were frantically looking for a solution to keep their business up and running.

As Dina, from Customer Succes, explains “We offer standard live support from 9 AM through 9 PM. But we have even supported our customers outside working hours and on the weekends to deliver the best support possible.” Online Marketer, Matthias adds “Right now, everyone at WebinarGeek is committed to answering questions in the chat from 9 AM to 9 PM every day of the week! This way we can meet the high demand and help people to the best of our abilities to organize their webinars.”.

Another thing we do to support our customers is hosting our own webinars. In these webinars, we explain how to set up and host your live webinars.

And what else?

To keep ourselves on top of supporting our customers we also have to take good care of ourselves. We do this by taking enough breaks or getting some fresh air in the backyard or balcony. Sanne, our Online Marketeer, says “Other things to do on breaks are tie-dying everything you own, prepping your garden for springs, virtual workouts, baking and creating a playlist.”.

Living and working in quarantine are teaching us all different things. And we do not know when we will be back at the office again. But for now, our team is over here to assist you to host the best webinars you can imagine.