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Sometimes you meet someone and discover that you have a lot in common. It happened to us with Rinkel, the company that created software we use to talk to our customers on the phone. Thanks to Rinkel, WebinarGeek has a fixed telephone number that automatically transfers to the cell phones of our sales and technical team, so we are easy to reach. 

Webinars and telephony reinforce each other

That both companies followed the same path seems too coincidental to be true. What a good thing is, is that it led to the discovery that WebinarGeek and Rinkel reinforce each other. 

During your webinar, for example, you show a call to action to note a request for a demo or other appointment, or the form to ask for a phone number. When someone responds to that call to action, you immediately know who is a hot lead to follow up with an additional call! 

Is your webinar over? Call your hot leads via Rinkel. Or would you rather reach a large group all at once in a personal way, but have no time to call everybody in that group? Then host a webinar! 

By linking an integration to WebinarGeek and Rinkel such as Zapier, you create the ultimate customer contact machine. All your customer information can be found in your CRM system. You know exactly which webinar someone watched and when you last had contact. Thanks to that bundled information, you also know your most valuable customers.

Technology and philosophy 

WebinarGeek and Rinkel not only use the same technology when it comes to the product, but they are also both SaaS companies. Also, both WebinarGeek and Rinkel want potential customers to have an extensive opportunity to test first, which is why they both offer a trial period where you have the opportunity to see what you think without any obligation (and leaving any payment details). 

Shared values

The platform for chatting with (potential) customers is also the same. And there is no doubt that both companies use it a lot. Not only WebinarGeek has woven into its corporate values to always go the extra mile for the customer, be ready to think with them, and answer as quickly as possible. You guessed it: so does Rinkel. Both companies communicate through Intercom to help customers in the best way possible. No wonder - when you read some reviews - both WebinarGeek and Rinkel score very well on support. 

2015: a good year

And what else do the organizations have in common? Let's start in 2015, the year both companies saw the light of day. Ready to conquer the SaaS market. And that succeeded quite well in itself, as both WebinarGeek and Rinkel have crossed the Dutch border since. WebinarGeek with an office in New York City and Rinkel opened an office under the Spanish sun in Barcelona. 

‘Call' to Action!

Would you like to discover how to reach a large group in a personal way thanks to webinars? Or spar on tips to follow up your warm leads directly with a phone call? Start a trial and send us a message! We'd love to think along with you.

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