LearnWebinars10x why hybrid events are the future

After a strange year, many things changed. The world went from offline to online, we talked about 'the new normal'. Meanwhile, we are going back to 'the old normal', but what is the normal really today? A combination? One thing is for sure. We have learned a lot from last year. The world is ready to be online, but longs for offline. Logical to then tailor your event accordingly.  

Full conference rooms seem like an old-fashioned image. It looks crazy to see so many people together in one place. And when you think about it that way, it might also be illogical. Long hours on an uncomfortable folding chair, while it can be done online. You learn just as much from home. In your familiar surroundings, while wearing sweatpants. you can follow (or even host) a webinar just as easily.

Of course, there are also disadvantages. After all, the hours after the conference were the ideal time to make new contacts. Meanwhile, the rules are becoming more flexible and it's time to think about an offline event. But that uncomfortable folding chair? No one seems to be longing for that again. A new trend is coming: a combination. You first host a webinar online and then host a networking event offline. The benefits? There are quite a few. 

1. Your target group watches in their own chosen environment 

You want to convey something to your target group. Not everyone learns just as much in a strange environment with lots of people. Give your viewers the luxury of deciding where they want to watch. Everyone has the opportunity to learn in their own way and get the most out of it.

2. More freedom in where you host your networking drinks. 

Not all network events are in a location that is accessible. Think of mobile bars and catering in a location that is difficult to reach. That still creates limitations. Hosting your webinar first and networking afterwards at a nice location, gives you more freedom to choose where to have the drinks afterwards. Depending on how you want to organize your drinks, you might choose a restaurant that is easily accessible by public transport or bicycle. 

3. Participants do not have to travel

During the corona era there were hardly any traffic jams. The air was even cleaner! Hosting a webinar ensures that your viewers do not have to travel. This is not only better for the environment, but also saves a lot of time. No more hassle with carpooling, less scheduling and it’s greener too!

''Hybrid events are brilliant because they don’t require all attendees to physically be at the event. Because of this, the turnout is often higher and therefore reaching more people has never been easier.'' - Martijn Vollumer, Epos Now

4. You collect important data with the interactions 

When you host a webinar, you can use interactions like a poll, quiz or call to action. The interactions ensure that you collect important information. Of course you can gauge live opinions by asking people to raise their hands, for example, but afterwards you cannot see this in a handy overview. If you host a webinar, you see exactly who answered what and how people think about something, or how their knowledge is on your webinar topic. Are you using a call to action? Then you give your viewers the opportunity to take action right away and sign up or go to a link. Not only does direct action work better than sharing extra info afterwards, you also see right away how many viewers were interested. 

5. You easily tailor the follow-up to visitor (viewers) and non-visitors (non-viewers) 

Unfortunately, it happens that not everyone who registers actually shows up. Of course, everyone can register if you are hosting a live presentation. Then you process the data to send a targeted follow-up. Are you hosting a webinar? Then just automate the process! WebinarGeek keeps track of who exactly watched your webinar. After you are done with your presentation you don't have to worry about it anymore. 

6. Questions from the viewers are answered directly by the moderators on the chat

You are swept up into your story and see a hand go up. Or perhaps more annoyingly: someone asks a question out of the blue during your presentation. Of course it's good to answer questions. You want it to be clear for everyone. Unfortunately, the way participants ask questions can disrupt your presentation. If you host a webinar, that's easily solved. Viewers easily ask their questions in the chat. Moderators ensure that everyone gets answers to their questions, while you continue to present in peace. Afterwards, you can see in the statistics which questions were asked. Useful if you want to give the presentation again. You can incorporate the most frequently asked questions in your story for the next webinar. 

7. Your webinar is always recorded and you can easily share it with the participants who did not attend

Every live webinar you hots is automatically recorded. You decide whether you want your viewers or non-viewers to watch your webinar later. Each viewer has their own unique link to watch the webinar. With that same link, they can also watch the replay unless you turn it off. A nice extra if you want those who could not be there to still be able to watch the webinar!

''Aside from being convenient, some pros of webinars against in-person events include their cost-efficiency, simple and automated registration, easy exchange of information, no limit to the number of participants, and easy evaluation and storage of presented content.'' - Ryan Stewart, WEBRIS & The Blueprint

8. You can make a recording that you broadcast as if it is live 

Get the shakes when you have to present? No worries. You can record your webinar in advance and broadcast it as if it is live. Choose an automated webinar to play your webinar on a set date and time. Your participants have no idea! What's more, by uploading a video you are not tied to a time you have to webinar. With nice weather, you're lounging on the beach while you host a webinar. 

9. You are not tied to a number of visitors because of a room size 

Not sure how many people you're expecting, but already need to book a room? Leave it at that. If you're hosting a webinar, then all you have to consider is the type of subscription. And if you go over the viewer limit? Send us a message! We'll help you with a one-time upgrade. You keep it accessible to everyone. 

10. Easily host your webinar on different days

An automated webinar is a great solution if you want to host a webinar more often, or want to give your participants the opportunity to watch on more dates. You schedule an automated webinar and don't have to do anything else! Of course you can also host it live. You don't have to book a room where people have to travel to and all the worries that come with it. Within a few clicks you have added extra broadcasts. 

Any doubts? Trying out is learning about. Keep in mind, you’ll never know if you never try. Experience how much effort you save and how much extra info you get out of your webinar. Who knows, you may already notice it at the networking drinks afterwards. If you have any questions, we are there for you on the live chat. Feel free to send us a message!

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