Improving communication processes

Fit in Business develops business strategies in the broadest sense of the word. Our Maria had a chat with Almir from FIB about how they use webinars to enhance communication within the organization.

Fit in Business in a nutshell

Fit in Business, or FIB for short, is a consulting firm in Vienna that develops business strategies and plans financing. Marketing and sales also play a crucial role in their services. They've been publishing a successful magazine called 'Fit in Digital' for years, offering valuable strategies for entrepreneurs. Almir is a consultant focusing on marketing, sales, and process optimization.

When it comes to improving internal processes, sales, and marketing, I rely on webinars.

What are the main goals of the webinars?

Almir: We use webinars to advise our clients and share knowledge in various areas. One of the goals is to improve communication processes within companies, especially in marketing and sales. We also set up academies for training purposes.

When clients want to train their employees or in onboarding processes, we use webinars.

We develop, conceptualize, and produce webinars for successful clients in different sectors to help them generate leads and sell via webinars.

Can you share a particularly successful story that stands out?

Almir: Absolutely! In various areas, we've achieved success. We established an academy for a successful telecom company in Vienna. The onboarding processes were automated with webinars, saving the company money and time. Employee training was standardized, ensuring consistent quality.

In marketing and sales, we set up online funnels for highly successful companies, allowing them to market products and services, both live and automated successfully. Both cases were very successful.

What are your favorite features?

Almir: Interactions are crucial for us as they provide direct feedback for improvement. We gather information to enhance the experience based on participant interactions through surveys. We don't just present and call it a day.

We continuously improve based on the interaction results from viewers.

What are the future plans for Fit in Business?

Almir: In the future, we want to expand support for our clients, from conception to production and the proper use of webinars. We aim to use integrations with CRM systems more for sales and data analysis. There's still more insight to gain from webinars. We're in a constant development process and never stand still.

Why WebinarGeek?

Almir: Flexibility is crucial for us. The ability to quickly decide between a live or automated webinar, and the ease of copying and adapting content is fantastic. Integration with different systems is also great, and the continuous development of the product is impressive.

I'm always excited to discover new features when using WebinarGeek.

It fits our various contexts, from internal training to marketing, and provides a great experience for us and our clients. The positive response from clients has led to further investments in studios.

Tips for starting with webinars

Almir: A tip for beginners: just dive in! Perfection is not necessary; just start experimenting with the software and grow with it. The software is constantly evolving, so keep improving and experimenting. Don't just publish a webinar and forget about it: revisit, optimize, and gain new insights. It's an ongoing process, so start and grow with the software over time.

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