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Last updated on 17 / 06 / 2020 – Ask to edit the information above.

What are the biggest differences?

Demio and WebinarGeek are both similar webinar software tools. There are, however, important differences within the functionalities they offer as a webinar platform.


Demio does not offer the option to organize paid webinars – which people these days can offer valuable content to the attendees for a price. 

Also with Demio is not possible to set up criteria to assess attendees during the webinar, whereas WebinarGeek offers the combination of the assessment tool and quiz option to make it happen. On top of that, WebinarGeek also offers multiple-choice quizzes and polls, and sales pages, which are not available at Demio.


WebinarGeek and Demio also have the option to share screens with the viewers. The difference with Demio is that the quality of screen sharing is very low compared to WebinarGeek. Striving for a higher quality screen sharing with, for example, product demos, then WebinarGeek would be the right fit for you. 

Pros and cons of Demio

Make sure your webinar platform has your back

Easy to use

Modern design

Great basic funciontalities

Not GDPR compliant

No paid webinars

Low quality screen sharing

I didn't wanted to invest a lot of time in getting to know the program, and WebinarGeek was very intuitive. It worked easy and like a charm, right from the start.

By Suzy D. (Verified G2 review)

100% GDPR compliant

All data you store in WebinarGeek is safely stored on servers located in Europe. WebinarGeek is completely GDPR-proof and ensures that you are in control of the data you collect.

Do you work with American software companies such as WebinarJam, Demio, or GoToWebinar? Then your data will not be stored according to the European GDPR guidelines, given that the Privacy Shield between the EU and the US has been declared invalid since July 2020! Choose WebinarGeek and take responsibility for your data!

High quality streaming

At WebinarGeek we provide a carefree webinar room where you can easily share your screen in high quality and with just a few clicks to make it happen. This is a great option when you want to demo your product with webinars or use it for internal training and re-use your content to gain optimal results in the long run.

Complete webinar software

Do you want a complete webinar tool? Then WebinarGeek is the right choice, the software is packed with features.

Increase your conversion with smart marketing tools, such as an evaluation form, sales page, or handy call to actions. You can also integrate WebinarGeek with other tools, such as Mailchimp or Facebook pixel. .


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