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What are the biggest differences?

Zoom is a great and popular tool for meetings and conference calls. In addition, they also offer a webinar service – a great combination for organizations.


Zoom lacks important functions such as an automatic replay function and an extensive branding function. In addition, when you want more freedom, such as more viewers, the price skyrockets and they will end up among the most expensive webinar providers.


WebinarGeek is a dedicated webinar software focused on webinars as a product. The development and functionalities are much more up-to-date and developed further than what Zoom has to offer for webinars. 

Pros and cons of Zoom

Make sure your webinar platform has your back

High streaming quality

Easy to use

Widely supported

Outdated interface


Lacks basic features

I didn't wanted to invest a lot of time in getting to know the program, and WebinarGeek was very intuitive. It worked easy and like a charm, right from the start.

By Suzy D. (Verified G2 review)

Simplicity is key

When creating software it is important that everything is made from the user's perspective. No outdated designs but a fresh modern design in which you can organize a webinar in just a few steps.

At WebinarGeek we strive for simplicity in everything we do: our product, our communication, our marketing, our business model, everything. Making complex things simple is a challenge and we happen to be good at it.

Be recognizable

A registration page is a page that encourages your potential viewer to register. It is important that people recognize your corporate identity.

Unlike Zoom we provide customizable registration and landing pages. Use the flexibility to display your own branding. Customize your registration page in a way you've never seen before.

Advanced marketing platform

Do you want a fully loaded webinar tool? Then WebinarGeek is the right choice for you, as the software is packed with features.

Increase your conversion with smart marketing tools, such as an evaluation form, sales page, or handy call to actions. You can also integrate WebinarGeek with other tools, such as Mailchimp or Facebook pixel.


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