GoToWebinar vs WebinarGeek

Looking for a webinar tool that fits your needs? Compare the best webinar tools of 2021.

Price range for webinar software
Low pricedHigh pricedAverage pricedHigh pricedHigh pricedAverage priced
Starts at
Webinar software comparison, indicated monthly for yearly subscriptions.
Easy to use
Automated webinars
A pre-recorded webinar broadcasted as if it's live.
On demand webinars
A recording of a webinar and make it 24/7 available and let viewers decide when to watch it.
Automatic replay
A pre-recorded webinar broadcasted as if it's live.
No download
Follow a webinar without downloads, with a simple click from any browser.
App requiredApp required
Mobile friendly
Compatible on any device and browser, without download.
Web-basedApp required / Web-basedWeb-basedApp requiredWeb-basedWeb-based
Unlimited webinars
Organize an unlimited numbers of webinars.
GDPR compliant
Fully GDPR compliant with all data stored in Europe.

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What are the biggest differences?

GoToWebinar is one of the largest webinar providers worldwide. Created in 2004 as a web meeting tool, which was later extended to their webinar software.

Browser-based webinar software

Application vs Web-based

Today, GoToWebinar still uses a slightly outdated user interface. In comparison with other webinar software providers, this can be seen as less user-friendly.

GoToWebinar provides a webcast version. Still, the majority of their functionality and events run with the downloadable application of their software. WebinarGeek is completely web-based. Which increases the attendance on average by 60%.

An interface with three different options of webinars to choose


Perhaps the most important thing for consumers is the price. GoToWebinar sits on the high-end spectrum of the webinar market, with starting prices of 89 euros.

Compared to WebinarGeek's starting prices, there's a difference of 80 euros that makes WebinarGeek more accessible for starters.

Pros and cons of GoToWebinar

Make sure your webinar platform has your back

  • Many functionalities
  • Meeting tool for extra price
  • Integrations (Zapier)
  • Not GDPR compliant
  • Download required
  • Price

What people are saying about WebinarGeek

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100% GDPR compliant

All data you store in WebinarGeek is safely stored on servers located in Europe. WebinarGeek is completely GDPR-proof and ensures that you are in control of the data you collect.

Do you work with American webinar software companies? Then your data will not be stored according to the EU GDPR guidelines, given that the Privacy Shield between the EU and the US has been declared invalid.

An interface with form fields with information

Downloads ensure a lower turnout

Unlike desktop software, web-based apps are accessible anytime, anywhere, as long as you have access to a device with an internet connection. Downloading an application and running it makes attending a webinar less accessible.

WebinarGeek is completely web-based to increase your conversion from the registrant to the viewer.

An interface with three different options of webinars to choose


A registration page is a page that encourages your potential viewer to register. It is important that people recognize your identity.

Unlike GoToWebinar we provide fully customizable registration and landing pages. Use the flexibility to display your own branding.

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