WebinarGeek is the best alternative for Webinaris

Do you want to know why WebinarGeek is the better webinar platform? Compare Webinaris webinar vs WebinarGeek (2024).


What are the biggest differences?

Webinaris and WebinarGeek are both similar webinar software tools. There are, however, important differences within the functionalities they offer as a webinar platform.

Hosting a webinar with WebinarGeek


Webinaris does not offer the option to organize on demand webinars – which people these days can offer to keep their webinars available for a longer time. Webinaris also doesn't offer a RTMP stream featuer.

Furthermore, Webinaris lacks more extensive webinar functions, such as extensive statistics, email flows, and marketing integrations.

Do you want full webinar functionality? Then create a trial at WebinarGeek.

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With WebinarGeek you can connect with more than 6,000+ apps to automate. Consider integration with MailChimp where people are automatically added to your mailing list when they register for your webinar.

With Webinaris, you don't have extensive integration to fully utilize your marketing tools.

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The benefits of WebinarGeek


100% GDPR compliant

All data you store in WebinarGeek is safely stored on servers located in Europe. WebinarGeek is completely GDPR-proof and ensures that you are in control of the data you collect.

Do you work with American software companies? Then your data will not be stored according to the EU GDPR guidelines, given that the Privacy Shield between the EU and the US has been declared invalid since July 2020! Choose WebinarGeek and take responsibility for your data!

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Advanced webinar tool

Do you need more than the standard webinar features? See what WebinarGeek can offer you. From assessment tools, evaluation tools, and sales pages. WebinarGeek offers more advanced features than Webinaris.

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Complete marketing platform

Do you want a complete webinar marketing tool? Then WebinarGeek is the right choice for you, the software is packed with features.

Increase your conversion with smart marketing tools, such as an evaluation form, sales page, or handy calls-to-actions. In addition, WebinarGeek has direct integrations with other marketing tools, such as Mailchimp or Pipedrive or HubSpot.

Want to know more about WebinarGeek?

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