Front-end developer (EN/NL)

As a front-end developer you will help build our SaaS platform to the next level, using the latest front-end technologies while building awesome features. You are someone that always choses quality over quantity and are familiar with frameworks like React, jQuery and know what Sass is. You maintain the balance between creativity and functionality for our software. This job is available to both Dutch or English speakers.

Live video streaming is hot and more and more companies use webinars to reach their customers. WebinarGeek is user friendly webinar software and thanks to us our customers can reach their customers. We grow fast which is why we are looking for you: a front-end developer. You will have a central role in our team and contribute to grow and expand our SaaS webinar platform to get everyone to webinar!

What have we built recently?

  • A new chat module, allowing our customers to deploy a team of moderators to manage incoming chat conversations during a webinar (grouping, closing, assigning etc.).
  • An upgrade to our co-presenting feature allowing two presenters on remote locations to present together in one live webinar.
  • We have integrated a new websocket solution allowing us to scale almost infinitely when it comes to realtime exchange of data.

What will you be doing?

  • Lead the way on building a new user interface for our application using the latest front-end technologies.
  • Improve the user experience of our application for our customers and their customers.
  • Work on expanding and improving our live streaming module based on WebRTC, working on supporting different user roles and enhancing capabilities for presenters.

Who you are

  • You would love the challenge of growing along in a fast growing start-up.
  • You like to work with Scrum or would like to: iteratively improve products based on user input and experience
  • You have an interest in WebRTC live video streaming and would like to work with this (no experience required).
  • You are experienced with HTML/CSS and Javascript and know your way around Javascript frameworks. Git, websockets, APIs and Sass are familiar words.
  • Quality over quantity: you fix bugs first and make sure that the foundation of the software is solid before you add new features or make big changes.

Our team

You will be working in a small team of a fast growing start-up. We like short communication lines and don't have much with hierarchy.

“What I like about working at WebinarGeek? To work on a single goal with a small team with full focus. To spend time on actual refactoring rather than building new things all the time. And the atmosphere is great, in summertime we usually work a couple of days from the beach!”

What we offer

Next to a great salary we offer you a job with lots of freedom and opportunity to grow as a person. We work in an office where there’s hard work but also lots of fun (table football, game console, drinks etc.). We also offer budget for training, room to improve yourself and you can work with an iMac or MacBook.

About WebinarGeek

WebinarGeek was founded in May 2015 to help businesses to reach their customers through live video streaming. With the growing popularity of online videos and live streaming the number of customers has grown fast. We are about to enter the international market and make the next step in online streaming technologies.

Why our customers love us

Our customers love us for the fact that our software is super user friendly, that we are always there to help, that we are always improving ourselves based on user feedback and of course because we are based in The Netherlands!

But.. what is a webinar?

Good question! Why don't we show you!

We are based in Zoetermeer, The Netherlands.

Interesse? Stuur ons je CV! Interested? Send us your resume!