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11 Inspiring Tips to Improve Your Conversion Rate

Pam - WebinarGeek


04 November 2021 - 5 min


When you host a webinar, you want as many viewers as possible. Every well-prepared marketer makes a clever marketing plan to inform potential participants about a webinar. However, it can happen that the conversion on your registration page is unfortunately not that high, how is that possible? You had it all figured out? With a few tips, you can improve the conversion so that visitors to your registration page turn into registrations and viewers.

Conversion, what is that anyway?

Picture this: there's a poster at a busy bus stop advertising a free course in making french fries. The poster links to a website. Every day there are hundreds of people who see it. Despite this, registrations are not yet pouring in, nor is the website getting any better visits. Most of the people who see the ad, unfortunately, do not take action. The people who do take action, those people cause conversion. Conversion is therefore the ratio between the number of people who see an advertisement and the number of people who take action.

Why do you want to improve your conversion?

You want the conversion to be optimal because that means your manifestation is most effective. Today, we live in a society where you already have enough to do. It is a waste to put a lot of time and effort into your french fries course, without anyone watching. Besides, more conversion ultimately means more revenue. Imagine: your French fries course becomes extremely popular, you turn it into a paid webinar and make money with your passion. And all that because your communications ensure high conversion. It can be that simple!

The basis to improve conversion

For optimal conversion, there are a few points to consider. Unfortunately, there is no magic formula yet for popping conversion rates through the roof, but these are definitely going to get you started. For each phase, there are tips to increase your conversion rate.

Improve conversion before your webinar starts

1. Who, where, how?

The most important thing is that you align the communication expression with the target audience. To map those out, it helps to create personas. You then visualize who you are doing it for. Then think about where your target audience can be found. You will not get any conversion if you promote a message in a place where the target group is not. Promoting a youth nightclub in a retirement home will not work and will not convert. So think about who you host a webinar for, where the target group will see your promotion, and how (e.g. via laptop or smartphone, registration page or embed form) they prefer to register. And most importantly: focus on only one target group.

2. Visualize what your target audience wants

Reaching your target audience does not equal high conversion - if only it were that way! Everyone has their own opinion and taste, what one person finds appealing, another person doesn't find attractive at all. It is important that your communication and registration page is converting for the majority of your target audience so that someone wants to register immediately when they land on your registration page. Use your corporate identity to make your webinar recognizable or keep it accessible. Tip: lots of white always works well (what a great website this is, right?).

3. Easy does it

It also helps if the threshold to register is as low as possible. If something works poorly, you lose a lot of interested people. And say it yourself: it does not make a good first impression. Make it easy for those interested and keep the registration page short. Add only the highly necessary fields. The registration page through WebinarGeek is very user-friendly and works responsively. Whether someone visits your page via mobile or desktop, potential attendees will register within a few clicks. Easy does it!

4. Create a scarcity

Unavailability creates desire. You can indicate on your registration page how many spots are still available for your webinar. The lower that number, the faster someone will want to secure a spot. Visitors to the page are therefore more likely to register. Of course, you want the conversion rate during your webinar to be that improved so that your registrants become viewers. Warm them up with the reminder emails by telling them what to expect during your webinar, and that they really don't want to miss it!

5. Influence your target audience

Today, influencers are the ultimate promotion. These channels have been proven to be very effective in reaching your target audience. Promoting your webinar by using an influencer is therefore not such a bad idea! People have long been sensitive to the opinions of others and social proof. The moment an influencer lets the world know that they are going to watch your webinar because it provides important and valuable information, the conversion rate will skyrocket. Everyone is increasingly critical, so when someone who is not from the organization confirms that your webinar is great, it gives confidence.

6. Improve conversion from subscriber to viewer

The final tip for the phase before your webinar starts! You want registrants to eventually show up for your webinar. Warm them up with the reminder emails and indicate what we can expect during your webinar. And, also an extra service: your subscriber will receive the unique viewing link again so won't have to search through his mailbox.

Improve conversion during your webinar

1. Reward the viewers

Another way to improve conversion is to announce that you are making a unique offer in your webinar. You arouse curiosity and give a reason for a viewer to keep watching until the end. In addition, it also creates engagement: you reward the participant in this way that he watched your webinar. If you give several webinars and make good offers more often, the conversion will also increase in the longer term. Make sure that you tell them at the beginning what offer you are making. Viewers will otherwise get distracted from your story and even worse, expectations may become higher than what you are offering.

2. Collect data for later

Adding a call to action to your webinar is a great way to increase conversion and engagement in the long run. Think about what you want to achieve. If you want more visitors to your website, a webinar with a call to action to your own website is a great and personal way to attract those visitors. Are you going for more customer loyalty? You can also add a form for someone to fill in their details. For example, ask for a phone number. How nice is it for a customer to speak to the host of a webinar in person later on, and really get the time and attention? That builds a bond and that's how you optimally go after a warm lead. Loyal customers guaranteed!

Improve conversion after your webinar has ended

1. Add a sales page

The moment after your webinar has ended is very valuable and the perfect timing to increase your conversion. You are still fresh in the minds of the viewers. Time to turn your viewers into customers! You easily add a sales page that will be displayed when your webinar ends. For optimal conversion, add another call to action button here to your unique offer or website.

2. Evaluating is learning

Show an evaluation form on the sales page. This gives you immediate feedback about your webinar. Remember tip 3? Easy does it! A few fields with short questions are enough. If it's too much work, chances are someone will click it away. Your target audience gives you the most important info when it comes to what they want to see. Your viewers' feedback will make the next webinar even better and your conversion rate even higher.

3. Thank the viewers for their participation

The days following your webinar are also important. To make the most of these, schedule some follow-up emails in advance. Thank the viewers for attending your webinar and repeat the offer if necessary. Registrations that were not present, the non-viewers, can send you the replay and invite you to your next webinar. If they still watch the recording of your webinar, that is a nice by-catch because those viewers also get a better bond with your brand. In the longer term, this also improves your conversion.

You can improve your conversion in many different ways. Most importantly, it connects to your brand and target audience. Really put yourself in the shoes of who you are making the communication for, where that person is, and what appeals to him or her. Something you make for everyone, you make for no one. Make sure you focus on a certain segment and that you are visible at the right time and place. Subscriptions become viewers, viewers become customers. You really get the most out of your webinar!

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