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5 Quick wins to drive live stream sales



28 October 2021 - 5 min

Tips to increase live webinar sales

Just last year, live streaming sales reached 30% of all sales. And I hear you thinking how do I sell on live streams? Let’s take a look at 5 quick ways to boost sales in your webinar.

1. Scarcity marketing

Viewers place a higher value on products that are in high demand but are hard to get. Making them aware of this will lead to much quicker conversions.

In marketing, this simple technique is called scarcity marketing.

To notify viewers of limited stock or popularity, you can use interactive tools such as Call To Action. Tailoring messaging can also make the notification feel personalized whilst simultaneously converting the viewer much quicker. Like if your target audience is Gen Z or digital marketers, you might want to mention "as seen on TikTok".

Showing product scarcity on a CTA can also create FOMO (fear of missing out). This will encourage viewers to buy much faster to avoid losing their favorites.

2. Integrate your social media

Too many webinar hosts don’t link their social channels during the webinar or after on their sales page.

Broken links, no sales page at all, or inactive accounts can look unprofessional to potential customers and will work against you when you are trying to build trust.

Social media marketing helps to build that relationship with your viewers, offering them a place to find more details about your products whilst increasing brand loyalty.

To get you active on social media you could:

  • Post a photo that you’ve wrapped the webinar on LinkedIn

  • Make a mini-series of 30-second valuable key points out of your webinar replay to share on TikTok.

  • And now don’t forget to share your channels during your webinar!

3. Provide live support

Viewers can make decisions very quickly when it comes to eCommerce.

If they’re unsure or confused by a certain aspect of a product, they are less likely to buy.

Worse still, if your webinar doesn’t give them the answers they’re looking for they’ll click away and search elsewhere. They won’t want to email you and have to wait days for a response when they see you live.

Live chat, however, will be able to provide them with the answer in just a few clicks. You only need to ask someone from the team to moderate a webinar.

Bonus points for those moderators who send the most asked questions directly to the presenter. That’s how you can make webinars more interactive.

4. Showcase social proofing

Need to give viewers that final push to trust and make that purchase? That’s where social proofing comes in.

Stop focussing only on the brand and ignoring how useful or effective the product is. Make sure you have some user-generated content to show your viewers how to use your product.

Unwrap the opportunities. If you are selling recruiting solutions, show your audience how to source candidates. If you are selling makeup, show different makeup styles while you’re live on air! Still don’t know where to start?

Identify your audience’s biggest pain points. Simply go on Google and search for “biggest challenges for [your target audience]”. Like, if your audience is HR managers, you can search for “biggest challenges for HR managers.”

5. Eliminate webinar offer anxiety

In the past year, you’ve probably heard of the term Zoom fatigue. Especially in the B2B industry days were filled with video meetings all day. Almost leading up to a small trauma.

It’s likely that these people experience webinars that offer anxiety.

They can’t focus on your story and just know some offer is coming up. Eliminate this by throwing in your offer right away. Explain that after this it’s time for the real value and at the end, you will show the offer again.

It gives them more insights into the schedule and builds respect for their time.

Wrap up: should you host a webinar to boost sales?

To recap, anyone can start selling things online with the help of live streaming. No matter if you are working in the B2C or B2B industry.

Remember to optimize your copywriting in interactions and be prepared for social proofing. This way you can build trust which leads to an increase in sales.

Wanna get more out of your sales webinar? See our tips on maximizing your storytelling like Steve Jobs.

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