6 clothing tips for your webinar!

13 March 2019 - 2 min

Tip 1: Don’t wear big, eye-catching jewelry or accessoires

Making a fashion statement is very popular these days, but don’t do it in front of the camera. It’s okay to wear nice-looking jewelry during the webinar, but please leave those huge red eye-catchers at home! It’s important to make your message the focus of attention, don’t let people be distracted by what’s around your neck or in your ears.

Tip 2: Colors, logos, and brand names

Perhaps those pastel tints will look cute on you. But don’t use them on camera. Pastel tints will often look dull on camera. Also steer clear of wearing black clothes when you’re on screen. But wait, there’s more. Avoid visible logos, brand names, or texts on your clothing as well. These can distract or bother your viewers, so keep your stream brand free.

Tip 3: Choose simple fabrics

Shirts with glitters simply don’t work in front of the camera. Especially when you’re using extra light, this will literally hurt people’s eyes. Also avoid bright fabrics such as satin.

Tip 4: Avoid busy patterns

Don’t wear busy or eye-catching patterns. Fine stripes or chequers can cause moiré, which is a type of rainbow-effect. This effect is created because the camera can see fine lines but isn’t able to process them separately. It looks pretty bad on a camera.

Tip 5: Choose a good background

Colors worn on a white background will look brighter. However, colors worn on a dark background will lose their intensity. Most clothing choices will work just fine when you pick ether a light-grey or blue background.

Tip 6: The most important tip

For most people, appearing in front of a camera can be intimidating. But it doesn’t have to be that way! A bit of planning and attention to your clothing choices and the environment in which you’ll be filming, can help you create a look that beams trust and confidence, which are absolutely required to get your message across.

And don’t forget to just be yourself, this will make you look real and authentic. Nobody will see what you’re wearing below that fancy-looking shirt anyways!