Webinars, 9 things you can do (better) with it!

4 April 2019 - 4 min

Product Demos

With WebinarGeek webinar software you can organize large scale product demos with ease. By inviting prospects to join webinars you prevent yourself and your prospects from wasting too much time. The good leads you’re left with can be onboarded with 1-on-1 sessions and follow-ups. Or you simply close the deal on location.

Customer Training

Your success and the success of your customers often go hand in hand. Helping your customers with ‘best practice', tips and sharing exclusive insights isn’t just a good way to help, but also a way to help them grow into bigger and better clients down the line.

Online courses

WebinarGeek webinars are a powerful tool to give online courses and make courses available online (on demand). You can easily schedule in lessons or repeat and improve them, which is useful for internal academies or e-learning.

Video Podcasts & Interviews

With webinar software you can record engaging video podcasts with relatively few resources. They can also be broadcasted or released on demand. By using relevant themes and interesting guest speakers you can create nice 'inbound' and internal content.

Live Events

Despite the fact most prospects and customers would love a day out, the cost and travel time are often a barrier to entry for live events like conferences and information events. With webinars you and your attendees can save money. You’re able to add additional attendees who would otherwise have stayed at home, or are simply located on the other side of the planet.

Live Q&A sessions

The ultimate way to position yourself as an expert. With live ask-me-anything-you-ever-wanted-to-know sessions you offer a lot of value at the moment your attendees need it most. At the same time, you are able to learn the topics that keep your customers up at night. Make sure to also invite a well-known expert to gather new prospects through their network.

Employee onboarding & training

Training large groups of employees or onboarding during explosive growth. Try hosting a webinar to welcome your employees or update them about an important topic. Let everyone join in on their own terms and allow them to watch it on demand.

Internal communication

The most common thinking error in internal communication is: it has been said before, so people remember it. No matter how good the message was, the power is in repeating the same message over and over again. With webinars you can easily organize short live-sessions for the whole organization, or offer them on demand (and check if people actually watched it).

Career market communication

When releasing new job offers you can be quickly overwhelmed by the overwhelming level of interest. A lengthy and costly selection process would usually occur afterwards. It’s not uncommon that carefully selected candidates aren’t a good match for your company, even after careful selection. With vacancy-webinars this can be prevented. It allows you to present your company to interested applicants in a professional way.

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