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Man advertising his webinar through an email campaign

Effectively promoting your webinar can be done in a number of different ways. For example, using an email campaign. I’ll explain to you how to set up your own email campaign. First, determine how many emails are being send to your list before the webinar. Sending too many emails can be annoying, causing people to cancel their webinar attendance. Send two emails before the webinar.

Email 1:

Tell about the subject of the webinar and the problem or question you’ll be solving for the viewers.

Email 2:

You’ll provide more background information about the webinar. For example, you can introduce the people that will be speaking during the webinar. Or tell your audience what in-depth information or surprises they can expect.

Setting up a great email is done with the following five steps:

Step 1: Personalize your email

By personalizing your email, people are more inclined to open and read it. Personalization can include the use of profile data, such as the name of the email recipient.

Step 2: Keep your emails short and simple

Less is more. Big chunks of text are boring! Reduce them and the odds of getting your message across instantly improve. Write short, clear and simple messages. Remember to focus on the message you’d like to get across, make sure this really stands out in the email.

Step 3: Use attractive call to actions

A call to action implies you can persuade readers to do something. For example, you can encourage people to go to your website or social media channels, or to subscribe to your webinar using a button. The call to action is all about presentation, both visually and choice of words. Don’t make your button too small, think of a short and powerful text and choose a color that stands out from the rest of your email layout (e.g. your company identity).

Step 4: Hyperlink your images

Images draw the attention of the reader. Make sure your images are clickable and the link redirects to e.g. a relevant page on your website.

Step 5: Share and link to your social media channels

Make sure it’s possible to share your content through email or social media. This helps you increase your reach, because your reader can now share your content for you!

Plenty of tips for setting up a successful email campaign. Ready to get started? I’d love to hear what you think of these tips! And if you still have questions, ask away below this video. Good luck!

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