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Email marketing; massive impact on all your webinars

Bryan - WebinarGeek


01 March 2023 - 11 min

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Email marketing and webinar marketing go hand in hand with each other since the first day. When you are planning on creating a webinar you probably immediately think about how to get the most possible subscribers, viewers and results out of your webinar. Email marketing is the most effective way to achieve it all.

Sending invitations, confirmations, reminders and follow up emails is a huge part of getting in touch and staying in contact with your audience, that is also why the email creation process in WebinarGeek is so important and extensive.

WebinarGeek has unique features that give you the ability to create whatever kind of email in your corporate identity with a very user friendly interface and even gives you the opportunity to schedule emails ahead of time.

In this article we would like to give you some more tips on how to write professional emails and want to make you aware of some opportunities that you might have missed before!

Increase open ratio

The most important thing to remember is that people need to open the mail before they actually read it. So if you have been spending hours on creating a beautiful email and you came up with a not so great subject line, all your work goes to waste.

Make sure to double check the following subjects.

Get recognized by the mailbox

When you want to send emails from an application with your own domain, then you need to make sure that the application has the right to do so. Doing so also increases the chance of avoiding a spam box, so it’s definitely worth it.

For this, you’ll need to add the DKIM (DomainKeys Identified Mail) and SPF (Sender Policy Framework) records to your DNS. If this sounds way too technical, make sure to ask your IT manager or domain administrator for help. It takes up to max 24 hours before the verification process is complete.

You can see this as a handshake between WebinarGeek (the application) and your domain, who are ready to work together as a team.

This is the most technical part, time to talk marketing again. You have the opportunity now to add email addresses from your own domain. This is also the email address that people will see when they receive your email

TIP: Instead of using info@yourdomain.nl or marketing@yourdomain.nl, you can also use a personal email address, for example the email address from the speaker. This makes the email feel so much more personal!

First impression

The moment that your mail gets into that person's inbox, it is completely up to them. Will they find your mail interesting enough to open it, or will they just ignore it together with all other emails that are waiting to be opened? You can always send them a subtle reminder, but nothing beats that first impression.

To increase the open ratio and increase the amount of people actually reading your email, you have influence over 3 elements:

  • Author name

  • Subject line

  • Snippet - the first sentence in your email

All 3 elements are just text. So no images, no colors, no bold or italic, just plain text. This is why it is so important to choose every word carefully.

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Meet expectations

Good job! Your audience opened the mail and is embracing the art of your creation. The most important thing now is that everything is inline with the expectation that they had before they opened your mail.

Get recognized by the reader

The easiest way to get recognized is by using your corporate identity. It doesn't matter whether you are sending an invitation or the 4th reminder mail, it needs to include your logo, font and colors.

Tip: More than 50% opens their mail on mobile

You might also want to play around with the design of your email template. The mistake that's often made is that people spend too much time on creating columns in their emails. This looks great on desktop, but unfortunately has no added value on mobile devices since everything will be put underneath each other.

What your audience wants to know

Make sure to choose one specific goal for your email and don’t make it too complex. The clearer the message, the better people will understand.

Date & time of the webinar

The most important thing for a live or automated webinar is to inform the audience when they should have their popcorn ready. Make sure to use this in the confirmation email and also in the reminder emails

Event & speaker information

Describe what viewers can expect from the webinar. Give them bite-sized examples of what will be addressed in the webinar, and give them some more background information about the speaker(s) in the webinar. Add a photo to make it more human, or maybe even a small video to get everyone excited!


We highly recommend you to use interactions during the webinar. One of the interactions that you can create with WebinarGeek is a quiz with which you test the knowledge of the audience. Another thing that we recommend is to share the recording of your webinar afterwards. We see that when people are informed about these things, they are more likely to be prepared for the webinar.

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