LearnWebinarsThe greatest webinar trends and predictions for 2022

These trends don't lie. There are plenty of reasons to continue hosting webinars in 2022 to capture and hold the attention of your target audience. Why and how? You'll find out in this blog.

Live content remains valuable

It's super easy to hide behind a support center or a ticket system where your customers have to wait five business days for a response, but that doesn't make it personal. When you go live, during a webinar, for example, you can ask for immediate feedback from your customers. You start the conversation and ask what they like about your product or service, or what you can improve.

Things can go wrong during your live broadcast. That is not a problem at all, it makes your organization human! Where people used to be hesitant about appearing on camera, developments in the world have made this fear more or less disappear. Everyone has presented live and made a mistake at one point! This humanizes your organization and causes empathy from your target audience. It creates a bond.

Going live means that you present in real-time. It also means that your target audience feels like they have to watch now. This sense of urgency and "I want to be there when it happens" is called FOMO or fear of missing out. Of course, it is possible to share the replay of your webinar, but this does not hold the same feeling of urgency. Your customer wasn't there when you presented live and couldn't ask questions that were answered live.

Live content, therefore, has many advantages:

  • More interaction with your target group

  • The face behind the organization

  • Topicality and FOMO

Stand out with personal accounts

Nowadays, you almost only see companies advertising online. Social media was supposed to be for staying in touch with friends and acquaintances, right? We are trained to quickly distinguish companies from people. It's a constant battle, a click, conversion, or sale? Your company is not the only one doing its best. It helps to have content shared by your own employees. When someone sees a post from someone in their own network, it's different than if it was posted by a company. It feels more personal and therefore more appealing.

Reuse the best content

Just because you post content on one channel, doesn't mean everyone is viewing it there. You can continue to use your content and spread it across your marketing channels. How do you do that with a webinar? Think about chopping a small piece of it. With that piece, your target audience will get an idea of what that webinar is like. Maybe you will make them very curious and they will immediately sign up for your next one!

Who doesn't like to laugh? Showing a funny moment during your webinar always works well. Cut out a fragment of your webinar and post it on other socials. Of course, there are many other options for reusing your content. Did you talk about numbers? Then post an infographic on your LinkedIn page. Use the audio as a podcast or choose a great quote to post. The possibilities are endless!

A short but powerful microcopy

What if you have the knowledge you'd like to share? It's too little to host a webinar about, too short to write a 600-1000 word blog about. Already familiar with microcopy? This is when you try to get your message across in as few words as possible. Think of ad texts, texts on landing pages, and texts on the registration page of your webinar. The goal may already be clear. You write microcopy to achieve as much conversion as possible.

Recognizable formats

Social media channels are saturated with content. Everyone is trying to be unique and stand out from the rest. Your target audience is bombarded with content all day long. Therefore, try to create content that is recognizable. An easy way to make your content recognizable is to use content formats.

Content formats can be anything. From images and videos to webinars and blogs. The formats all look the same or have the same principle. Because you always use the same format, your target audience knows to recognize the piece of content and link it to your organization. For example, a TV show is also a format. If you zap past something like Friends, you don't have to check what it is. You recognize it immediately.

"Physical meetings and events will continue to be a risk in 2022. The number of webinars will skyrocket for a third time." - Bryan van Anrooij, Growth hacker.

Stand out online in 2022

Webinars are here to stay and belong in your marketing mix. With more and more media choices and an overload of information, your webinars are increasingly important because that's when you hold your audience's full attention for a longer period of time. According to our growth hacker, physical meetings and events will continue to be a risk in 2022. The number of webinars will skyrocket for the third time! With a set format, make it recognizable and easier to host a webinar. A microcopy on your registration page or ad helps to attract more viewers. Your valuable live content you then reuse to make the target audience curious about your other webinars. Collaborate with your colleagues, make it personal and give your organization a face.

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