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You can make money while you sleep with an on demand webinar series. Yes, you read that right. Generating income with a webinar series can be done completely automatically and is incredibly easy! 

What is an on demand webinar series? 

Record a webinar and offer it as an on demand webinar. Do you teach a course? Then it is ideal to link the broadcasts as a series. With a series, all the broadcasts are showcased on one registration page. This way, participants register for multiple webinars within a few clicks. They receive the viewing links all at once in a confirmation email. Paid webinars often have a more interesting target audience, as those people are willing to pay for your webinar. Here's how to get the most out of it. 

Starting a paid on demand series

But how does it all work? First, you need content: the recording! You use a webinar that you hosted earlier and convert it to an on demand webinar. The great thing about this is that everything is exactly as it was during your live webinar. Interactions are also copied, an amazing way to create engagement. 

Do you already have a recording and do you want to use it for your webinar? Again, it's a piece of cake! To start, create an on demand webinar like you are used to. Afterward, you create the next webinars and connect them to this webinar. Very simple! Now add the recording, the steps on how to do this are in this article. You can add interactions later on and show them at the exact second you want. 

To host paid webinars, link your Mollie or Stripe account to your WebinarGeek account and slide the button to host paid webinars. For a detailed step-by-step plan, click here. Once you've done that, you're nearly finished setting up your paid on demand webinar series! 

Automating the follow-up

The awesome thing about a series is that you only have to set up the webinar once. Do you want to send follow-up emails? Then you set those up per webinar. After all, you want to make the follow-up of the first lesson different from the last. In the first follow-up, you remind them of the second lesson, while in the last follow-up you invite the attendees to your other courses. You only have to set these emails up once. It's the perfect way to automatically follow up with viewers and generate more registrations - and for paid webinars, thus revenue. Kickstart your webinar funnel with these tips. 

An interactive on demand webinar

Whether you add a call to action, poll, or quiz, it's always good to create engagement. Viewers like it when there is interaction in a webinar, even if you're not live. It keeps their attention. You can even set that the viewer can only continue with your webinar after they have answered a poll or quiz question.

Insight into your target group

Of course, you also want to know how attentively everyone is watching your on demand webinar. The assessment is a great tool for that. Set how many questions your viewer must answer correctly to "pass”. Based on that, you assign points or segment the mailing list. A viewer who gets a lot of questions right is likely to be more involved than the viewer who gets everything wrong. You can also set other criteria, such as viewing time and how many polls someone had to respond to.

The advantages at a glance 

There is no doubt that a paid on demand webinar is incredibly easy to set up. And you can do so much with it! You get insight into your target group, segment mailings based on the most attentive viewer, and know immediately who the hottest leads or stars of the class are. 

With some good promotion and an optimized funnel, you generate revenue without any effort. Share your knowledge! It has value both for your students and for yourself. 

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