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Webinars are the ideal tool to operate remotely. Because basically you only need a laptop (with a webcam and microphone) and a stable internet connection to broadcast or watch a webinar. This means you can easily host webinars from home, even in these bizarre times.

But right now, more and more people are watching and broadcasting webinars, it is important to think about the privacy of all the personal data that comes with it. Which data are processed? And more importantly: how are these processed?

In this blog, we want to bring privacy back on top of mind. So you know exactly how WebinarGeek handles this.

What is the meaning of GDPR again? Since the introduction of the GDPR, people have had to grant explicit permission for the collection of personal data. Check our blog about what the GDPR means for a detailed explanation.

But what does WebinarGeek do?


In the registration process for a webinar, someone must agree with your privacy statement. In the statement, you indicate how you handle the personal data that you request from someone. Here you can also explicitly request permission to add someone to your mailing list, for example.

Your account

In your account, you will find the section Security and Privacy. Here is everything that has to do with security and privacy. Like a two-step login to protect your account even better. In addition, here you will discover the possibility to look up all stored data of a specific person via email address. You will also find the processor agreement here.

Processor agreement

The processor agreement can be downloaded under the Security and Privacy section. You can also view and approve these directly online. This agreement contains the conditions for the processing of personal data.

This is of course not all. Do you want to read more about our privacy and security?

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