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A new month means new features, and this month, we've got plenty in store. These include more options for your emails, a new trigger for HubSpot, screen shares for viewers and more.

1. Countdown and video in emails

Improve your emails by adding a countdown and video. The countdown creates a sense of urgency, prompting action, while video content grabs attention more effectively than plain text. Together, they make your emails stand out and increase conversions.

Countdown and video in email

2. No-show trigger for HubSpot

Integrate no-show triggers into HubSpot. By setting up a no-show trigger, you can tailor follow-ups more effectively to your audience. For instance, send the replay specifically to those who missed the live webinar, encouraging them to catch up.

No-show trigger HubSpot

3. Allow viewers to share their screens

Boost interaction in your webinars by allowing viewers to share their screens. This feature is particularly useful for training sessions, enabling direct observation of attendees’ actions. Make your webinar more dynamic and informative.

Viewers screen share

4. Statistics for broadcast schedule

Gain deeper insights into the performance of recurring broadcasts with detailed statistics. Identify which broadcasts are most popular on specific days, helping you adjust content and scheduling for your automated webinars.

Statistics recurring broadcast

5. Variables for external URL sales pages

Integrate variables into sales pages for external URLs. Personalize the page further to increase conversion rates, especially when promoting offers through this channel.

External sales page variables

6. More replay settings

Adjust the window for replay availability for both live and automated webinars. Now, you can also set this feature when scheduling automated webinar broadcasts. Send follow-up emails to remind viewers that the replay will only be available for a limited time.

Feature spotlight: more insight with viewer limit statistics

Did you host a webinar and reach the viewer limit? From now on, you'll have insight into the statistics on which subscribers attempted to view your webinar but couldn't anymore. Inform these subscribers about your next scheduled webinar or share the replay to give them access.

Viewer limit statistics

Join us live on Wednesday, April 10th, at 2:00 PM for our Product Update webinar. We'll showcase all the new features and provide an exclusive sneak peek at what's currently in development. Save your spot now.

Product Update webinar 10 April @ 2 PM
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