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Product Update: interactive webinars and sessions

Pam - WebinarGeek


04 June 2024 - 7 min

This month, the product update focuses on organizing meetings and interactive sessions. These updates are designed to make your webinars more interactive, organized, and efficient.

Allow viewers to join the stage on their own

Make your webinars more interactive or host meetings instead of webinars in WebinarGeek. Now, you can let attendees take the stage themselves. The limit has increased from 16 to 100 participants on stage. This brings more:

  • Engagement: Viewers can participate more actively, making your webinars more dynamic.

  • Flexibility: No manual approval needed for each viewer, saving you time and effort.

  • Scalability: Perfect for large events where many attendees want to share their thoughts.

    Viewer on stage flow

Allow presenters to join off-stage

Hosting a webinar with a co-presenter? Presenters can choose to appear on stage immediately or stay off-stage when joining the webinar.

  • More prep time: Presenters can prepare off-stage before going live. They don’t have to wait through the whole webinar for their part.

  • More control: Helps manage the flow of the webinar. The main presenter can decide when others appear on stage.

  • More professionalism: Ensures a smoother transition for presenters joining the webinar.

Show the attendee list to all viewers

The attendee list has always been hidden from other viewers. Now, you can easily choose to share who is online.

  • Community building: Creates a sense of community among viewers.

  • Transparency: Lets viewers see who else is attending, promoting networking opportunities.

  • Engagement: Encourages interaction and discussions among attendees.

Subscribe ActiveCampaign contacts to webinars

An update to the ActiveCampaign integration. Automatically subscribe contacts for your webinars. Set it up directly and ensure:

  • Seamless integration: No more manual adding of contacts, saving you time.

  • Wider reach: Make sure your contacts know about upcoming webinars.

  • Efficiency: Streamline the process of inviting and managing attendees.

Create leads in Pipedrive

A new trigger for the Pipedrive integration allows you to create leads based on webinar activity.

  • Lead generation: Automatically generates leads from webinar attendees.

  • CRM integration: Keep your sales pipeline up-to-date with minimal effort.

  • Active insights: Helps effectively track and follow up with potential customers.

Recurring broadcasts for live webinars

For automated webinars, you can set a broadcast schedule. Now, set up recurring broadcasts for live webinars. We’ll automatically create new dates for you. Perfect because:

  • Convenience: Schedule multiple webinars at once without repeated actions.

  • Consistency: Keeps your audience engaged with regular sessions.

  • Automation: Saves time by automatically generating future webinar dates.

Join the next Product Update webinar

On Wednesday, June 19 at 2:00 PM, we’re going live with a new Product Update webinar. We’ll show you all the new features and give you an exclusive sneak peek of what we’re developing. Sign up now.

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