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A web conference is the umbrella term for different types of online conferences. This includes webinars, webcasts, and web meetings. These three types of web conferences have in common that they can be viewed via a computer, tablet, or smartphone. However, there are a number of major differences. In this article, we’ll explain exactly what the differences are.


A webinar is an online seminar. An online interactive presentation with 1 or more presenters. The participants can watch the webinar from anywhere, as long as they have access to a computer, tablet, or phone with an internet connection. When you organize a webinar you need a computer/laptop and a webcam with a microphone. The great thing about webinars is that you’re not tied to a physical location. Moreover, you are in direct contact with the public on a very personal level.

Webinars are a very personal and intimate way to reach the customer.

- Gerard - AFAS Software

You can use webinars in various ways. Webinars are ideal for collecting leads, exchanging knowledge, hosting training and product demos, and, for example, to convey a message internally.

A webinar is unique because it is a multipurpose marketing tool. You collect email addresses and leads and with the different interaction tools, you will learn more about your target group. In addition, after the webinar, you can send targeted follow-up emails or refer the viewer to the sales page.

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A webcast is actually a combination of a webinar and a physical event. The presentation will be broadcast live, but there will also be a physical audience. The broadcast of your webcast often resembles a lecture or an event. The biggest difference with the webinar is that with a webcast you often lack interaction with your audience. You therefore don't really get to know your audience, such as during a webinar. Where you can use all kinds of useful interaction tools to collect information about your audience. Moreover, in a webcast, sending out information is more important than receiving information. The other disadvantage is that a physical location must be rented for a webcast, while this is not necessary for a webinar. In addition, your audience also has to travel and this takes time and involves unnecessary costs.

In short, a webinar is more accessible than a webcast. It is easy for the viewer to be present and for the organizer, it entails much fewer costs.

Web meeting

A web meeting can be compared to a meeting. It is exactly the same as a "physical" meeting only in an online environment. Everyone can participate with their own computer. You can talk to each other, with or without a camera.

A web meeting does not have the functionality that webinar offers. So you don't have any interaction tools, such as polls, calls to action, or the quiz option. You use a webinar and a web meeting for two different purposes. You will learn more about the differences in the blog webinar vs online meeting.


Determine in advance what your goals are and what you are trying to achieve with a web conference. Do you want to organize an online event or generate more leads? Then choose webinars!

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