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When you host a webinar, you are obviously sharing information and knowledge. That knowledge may be so valuable that people even want to pay for it. There are a variety of courses, training, and masterclasses hosted in the form of webinars. You can even fully automate it so you can (literally) make money while sleeping. How exactly does that work? You can read it here. 

Your knowledge is worth money 

For physical courses, it seems normal and logical that you pay for them. Nowadays, it's the same for online courses. The knowledge you share is not worthless because you share it online. In fact, many people find it more enjoyable to learn in their own familiar surroundings. One of the obstacles to online learning can be that the student has less opportunity to ask questions. With webinars, this is not the case. With either a live, automated, or on-demand webinar, you have plenty of options for your viewers to communicate. 

In a live webinar, you answer questions in a live Q&A or via chat. During an automated webinar, you log in to answer viewers' questions. You don't always have to be online during your course or training. Offer a question field with your automated or on-demand webinar to follow up later. 

Paid webinars have a more interesting target group 

The target group you reach with a paid webinar is often more interesting than the group you reach with a free webinar. The investment comes from both sides. The viewers who are willing to pay for the knowledge you share are likely to be a lot more serious about your training than the viewers who watch a training or course for free. 

Participants have paid a price and want to get the most out of a webinar. They are more likely to be more focused and active during your webinar. Provide quality content and offer your course in multiple parts so they can register for your next webinar. During your webinar, start a call to action at the point when they are most excited to sign up for a more in-depth webinar. You can also offer a form so participants can request a personal follow-up. 

Make money completely automated 

An automated or on-demand webinar is a recording of a webinar you have previously given. Reuse content from a webinar that you previously hosted live and offer it as an automated or on-demand webinar. For an automated webinar, you set up a broadcast schedule so that your paid webinar repeats at a set time. You know exactly when viewers are online to ask questions that you answer via chat, or around what time you receive them in the mail. By broadcasting a webinar as if it were live, you then still create a sense of FOMO (fear of missing out), which drives more registrations. 

With on-demand webinars, your target audience can watch your training or course when it suits them. With an on-demand webinar, you know for sure that someone has the opportunity to watch your webinar. To make sure that someone can only watch the training once, you set a maximum viewing time. 

Follow-up emails are sent fully automated after your webinar. If necessary, you also send the replay for the live and automated webinars. This way you give those who have missed the webinar but paid for it the chance to watch it again. Would you like to send invoices automatically? Create a Moneybird account and link this integration to your account. 

Host a paid webinar series 

As mentioned earlier, you can host a training or a course in multiple parts. The option to link a webinar as a series is then very convenient. Participants can register for multiple webinars at once on the registration page. You can easily select whether you want to offer the paid webinars as single webinars or as a course package.

Both live, automated and on-demand webinars can be linked to a series. Optionally, with live and automated webinars, you can even offer multiple broadcasts per webinar so participants have more choice of when they want to watch. 

Getting started with hosting paid webinars 

Paid webinars are easy to set up. All you need is a Stripe or Mollie account. You only need to link it once and then start making money completely automatically by sharing your knowledge. 

How do you do this exactly? We have many extensive articles about that in our Help Center. You find them on the page with everything about paid webinars.

Feel free to send us a message via our chat if you are having trouble or would like more information. 

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