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In the ever-changing world of online business, webinars are a must-have tool. We sat down with Franck Fielemon, the founder and owner of His company helps small and medium-sized businesses increase their sales effectiveness.

Webinars as a winning formula

Franck from has an impressive 25,000 followers on LinkedIn and also assists others in building a following. It's no surprise that he uses this platform to promote his own webinars. The main goal of the webinars is to spark interest in using LinkedIn for sales processes. Webinars have become an essential part of their sales funnel.

"We use the tool to share knowledge about LinkedIn for businesses, and then seamlessly transition to upselling our LinkedIn for Business courses." - Franck,

Success stories and strategies

We asked about their most successful webinar, and Franck had a clear answer: it was a webinar about ChatGPT. Within days, it garnered 275 new sign-ups. Their most successful webinar series still focuses on 'LinkedIn for Business', consistently bringing in new clients for three years now.

Interaction and engagement

Franck emphasized the importance of interaction in their webinars. He considers interactive features a key reason for choosing WebinarGeek. With two presenters—one presenting and the other managing the live chat—the goal is to actively engage the audience.

"Engagement not only drives the desired call to action but also increases conversion rates." - Franck,

Future plans and strategy

Future webinar plans? They plan to continue as they are now. One of Franck's favorite quotes is: ''Opportunities don't happen, you create them.'' is always looking for ways to keep the audience engaged. The message to their clients is clear: use technology to create impact and always seek new opportunities.

Seamless follow-up

The follow-up process is streamlined and seen as one of the most important features. An analysis is conducted to see who clicked on which links during the webinar and what messages were sent in the chat. Based on these results, they reach out to actively engaged viewers.

Good pricing and support

The reason Franck chose WebinarGeek is quite specific. One of his former Revenue Coaches was very enthusiastic about the tool. When he realized it was a Netherlands-based company with Dutch-language customer service and good pricing, he was sold.

"WebinarGeek is the perfect match. The platform has proven itself over the past five years as an ideal partner, offering excellent value for the pricing." - Franck,

Just do it

Franck also has a tip for those looking to start hosting webinars: the Nike slogan—Just do it! He also advises looking at your social media profiles. You might already have a lot of followers, so make use of them.

In conclusion, Franck highlights the crucial role webinars play in driving sales success. The combination of engaging content, strategic use of interactive features, and dedication to seizing opportunities has propelled to a whole new level.

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