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What are the biggest differences?

WebinarJam and Demio are both comparable webinar tools that differ considerably from each other in terms of use and features.

Protect your data

The GDPR law is becoming increasingly important for European companies. In July 2020, the US Privacy Shield was declared invalid. This means that you are violating the GDPR if you continue to work with US companies to process data. Webinarjam and Demio are both US-based companies and therefore do not comply with the GDPR law!

Read more about GDPR and Privacy Shield here

Difference in price

Webinarjam and Demio both fall in the middle segment of webinar software providers in terms of price. At Webinarjam you can take out a subscription from $ 39 per month, with Demio this is possible from $ 34 per month. Despite the relatively low prices, WebinarGeek is still much cheaper with a subscription starting at € 9 per month!

Pros and cons of Webinarjam

Make sure your webinar platform has your back


Paid webinars

Onboarding training possible

Not GDPR compliant

No automated webinars

No live support

I didn't wanted to invest a lot of time in getting to know the program, and WebinarGeek was very intuitive. It worked easy and like a charm, right from the start.

By Suzy D. (Verified G2 review)

Automated webinars

Automated webinars are great because not everyone always has time to present a webinar live, but still want to give the viewers the feeling that they are watching a live webinar. An automated webinar is perfect for this! Webinarjam does not offer this option, Demio on the other hand does just as it is a possibility at WebinarGeek


For the somewhat advanced streamer, a bell will now start ringing. With RTMP streaming you have the highest possible quality to broadcast your webinar and you are completely free to determine what your stream looks like. For example, you can easily switch between multiple cameras, use 'picture-in-picture' and use effects when you switch between images. A very nice option! With Webinarjam you can use this option, Demio does not offer RTMP streaming. With WebinarGeek it is also possible to use RTMP streaming.

Paid webinars

How nice is it to be able to earn money by sharing your knowledge? Paid webinars are a godsend for that! You can set any amount you want and registrants must pay this first before they can attend your webinar. This is possible with Webinarjam, but unfortunately not with Demio. A good point to consider when to make a decision. At WebinarGeek it is also possible to organize paid webinars!


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