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Last updated on 17 / 06 / 2020 – Ask to edit the information above.

What are the biggest differences?

Zoom and WebinarJam are both comparable webinar software tools. However, there are a number of important differences with regard to usage and features.

Work GDPR proof

The GDPR law is extremely important and is being enforced more and more strictly. So it is important that all parties adhering the GDPR rules. In July 2020 the American answer to the GDPR, namely Privacy Shield, has been declared invalid. This means that you are in violation if you continue to work with US companies to process data.

WebinarJam is based in the US and is not GDPR proof. After the Privacy Shield declaration, Zoom has worked very hard to also comply with the GDPR requirements.

Read more about GDPR and privacy shield here

Application vs. browser-based

Zoom is originally an online meeting tool. To use the full webinar functionality, you must download an application. Before viewers can watch a webinar, it is recommended to first download an application. According to various studies, this threshold increases.

WebinarJam works completely in the browser, just like WebinarGeek. This means that anyone can follow your webinar from anywhere. All you need is a working internet connection! Because of this low threshold, your webinars will certainly attract more visitors!

Pros and cons of Zoom

Make sure your webinar platform has your back

Meeting tool

Integration possibilities

Popular brand

No automated webinars

Download necessary

No possibility to upload a presentation

I didn't wanted to invest a lot of time in getting to know the program, and WebinarGeek was very intuitive. It worked easy and like a charm, right from the start.

By Suzy D. (Verified G2 review)

100% GDPR Proof

Are you sure that all your data is securely stored according to European guidelines? Then choose WebinarGeek. All data that you store in WebinarGeek is safely stored on servers located in Europe. WebinarGeek is completely GDPR-proof and ensures that all data is processed according to European legislation.

Do you work with an American party? Then your data and customer data are not safe, as the Privacy Shield between Europe and the United States has been declared invalid.

Downloads result in a lower attendance

Unlike desktop software, web-based apps are accessible anytime, anywhere, as long as you have access to a device with an internet connection. You can follow a webinar on desktop, tablet, or mobile. By downloading and running an application, participation in a webinar becomes less accessible.

WebinarGeek is, just like WebinarJam, fully web-based, this ensures that your webinars are very accessible to viewers.

Automate your events

With an automated webinar, you can give a pre-recorded webinar as if it were live. Automated webinars help you focus on the interaction and everything else a successful webinar needs. When using WebinarJam and Zoom you do not have these options.


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