Livestorm vs. Demio

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Price range for webinar software
High pricedAverage pricedLow pricedHigh pricedAverage pricedHigh priced
Starts at
Webinar software comparison, indicated monthly for yearly subscriptions.
Easy to use
Automated webinars
A pre-recorded webinar broadcasted as if it's live.
On demand webinars
A recording of a webinar and make it 24/7 available and let viewers decide when to watch it.
Automatic replay
A pre-recorded webinar broadcasted as if it's live.
No download
Follow a webinar without downloads, with a simple click from any browser.
App requiredApp required
Mobile friendly
Compatible on any device and browser, without download.
Web-basedWeb-basedWeb-basedApp required / Web-basedWeb-basedApp required
Unlimited webinars
Organize an unlimited numbers of webinars.
GDPR compliant
Fully GDPR compliant with all data stored in Europe.

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What are the biggest differences?

Livestorm and Demio are both comparable webinar software tools. However, there are a number of important differences with regard to usage and features.

An interface with three different options of webinars to choose

GDPR Proof?

The GDPR law is extremely important and is being enforced more and more strictly. So you really need to ensure that you and all parties you work with adhere to the set rules. Especially now that in July 2020 the American answer to the GDPR, namely Privacy Shield, has been declared invalid. This means that you are in violation if you continue to work with American companies such as Demio to process data. Livestorm, just like WebinarGeek, is a European company that is fully GDPR proof.

Read more about GDPR and Privacy Shield here.

Browser-based webinar software


The biggest and perhaps for you as a user perhaps the most important difference is the price of the tools. Livestorm is in the high price segment and starts from € 89 per month for the use of their tool. Demio is a bit more average in terms of price and starts from $ 34 per month. Both still a lot more expensive than the € 19, - starting price that WebinarGeek starts with. In addition, our tool also has by far the most possibilities!

Pros and cons of Livestorm

Make sure your webinar platform has your back

  • GDPR Compliant
  • Easy to use
  • Lots of functionalities
  • Expensive
  • No option to use public and private chat
  • Integrations with CMS only with Zapier

What people are saying about WebinarGeek

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100% GDPR Compliant

Are you sure that all your data is securely stored according to European guidelines? Then choose WebinarGeek. All data you store in WebinarGeek is safely stored on servers located in Europe. WebinarGeek is completely GDPR-proof and ensures that all data is processed according to European legislation.

Do you work with Demio? Then your data and customer data are not safe, as the Privacy Shield between Europe and the United States has been declared invalid.

An interface with three different options of webinars to choose

Chat, public or private

What could be better and more important than actually having contact with your viewer during your webinar. The best way to do this is through chat. It helps increase engagement and you can directly answer live questions to help viewers get started. With Livestorm you only have the option to use a public chat. All messages are therefore readable for all viewers.

With Demio, however, just like with WebinarGeek, you have the option to use a private chat in addition to the public chat, so that viewers can ask questions directly to the presenter without the other participants being able to read along. Very useful, for example, if you discuss sensitive topics!

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Making your work easier for yourself by linking your various tools together. Ideal! However, there are some significant differences between Livestorm and Demio here. For example, Livestorm has a direct link with, for example, Hubspot, Linkedin and the Facebook Pixel and Demio lacks these links. Demio, on the other hand, has direct links with Activecampaign and Mailchimp, which Livestorm does not have. Both do have an integration with Zapier that makes it possible to link many other tools. WebinarGeek offers all of the above integrations in 1 tool, with many more options!

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