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During a live webinar valuable content is being created. Such a share to not reuse that content! By recording your live webinar you’re able to use content more than once. The benefits from doing exactly that are much greater than most people expect.

Why should I record a webinar?

The answer is simple: by broadcasting a live webinar you create valuable content!

A live webinar is usually a one-time event. Naturally, it’s possible to broadcast the same webinar more than once. But generally, most webinars are a one-time show. That seems silly, because webinar content can be very valuable to your audience. Reusing the same content is an efficient way to reap more benefits from the same amount of effort. It’s always a good idea to record your webinar. With our webinar software, the content will be automatically recorded. You don’t even need to think about it in advance. You’re the only one that decides if the replay will be available to people after the webinar is over.

Benefits of recording a webinar

1. Useful for evaluation purposes.

By watching the recording you’ll get a good insight into your own performance. Use the recording to evaluate your webinar and refine it if needed. This is the best way to eventually end up with the perfect webinar!

2. Release the webinar on demand.

After the webinar, it’s very easy to release the recording as a replay on demand. This allows people to watch the webinar in their own time if they didn’t have the opportunity to do so yet (for non-viewers) or to watch the webinar again and soak up all the information at their own pace (for people that did view the webinar already).

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Obviously, it’s also possible to reach more people with the recording by releasing it on demand for a longer period of time and actively promoting it. This will increase your reach (and consequently your potential sales).

Benefits for attendees

Possibly, the participants of the live webinar feel the need to rewatch your webinar in the future. During the webinar, you probably managed to share a lot of useful information, which causes an information overload of sorts. Or perhaps they think the webinar was so valuable, they’d like to share it with colleagues, friends, or relatives.

Benefits for non-attendees

Not everyone that subscribed to the webinar will actually be present during the live event. For this group of people it can be very interesting to watch the webinar on demand at a later point in time. This allows people to determine for themselves what their ideal moment is to watch the webinar.

Some people will register themselves for a webinar with the assumption that they can watch it again at a later point in time. They knew in advance they wouldn’t be present for the live webinar, but they were interested in the subject matter.

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Making a webinar available afterwards as replay

With WebinarGeek you have the ability to create the ultimate webinar experience for your viewers. We made sure every second of the original content would be recorded. But even after the fact, new information can be added. On demand viewers can join the original polls and fill them in as if they were watching the webinar live. This will help you gather valuable information. This allows your webinar to work for you!

Because viewers have to log in first, you will be able to collect more information about them after the fact. Even after recording you’ll generate leads.

Screenshot of option to turn recording into on demand webinar

Releasing the recording on YouTube or your own website

It’s possible to download your recording as an .mp4 file. This will give you access to the view and the freedom to upload it wherever you want. For example, you could create a YouTube video out of it, or add it as bonus content on your own website.


Uploading the webinar recording on YouTube has the added benefit of popping up in search engines like Google. On the other hand, a drawback is the fact you won’t be able to extract much information from the viewers that watched this recording. Additionally, viewers will often receive suggested videos to watch. It’s not impossible they’ll be distracted by a video from your direct competitor.

Your own website

Another idea is to put the webinar recording on your own website. You can upload a video through YouTube or Vimeo and use the embed-code to place it on your own site. What’s the major benefit of this? Visitors on your website are able to easily find the webinar recording and stay on your site a lot longer. You can build a relationship with them too, because they’d watch engaging content. The drawbacks are also obvious: again, you won’t collect a lot of data about the viewer.

Can I record and broadcast my webinar as if it was 'live'?

Absolutely! We call this an automated webinar. You can replay a previously recorded webinar through WebinarGeek as if it were a live broadcast. It creates an authentic 'live' experience for the viewers.

Automated webinars are being broadcast on set times. When you’re too late, you will actually miss the content that’s already been broadcasted!

This allows you to hide the fact that the webinar is prerecorded. You can log in during the webinar as well, in order to answer any questions in chat. This will allow the viewers to experience the webinar as if it were actually ‘live’.

RTMP webinar with two presenters

Any more questions about recording a webinar?

We’re here for you. Feel free to contact us through our live chat. Someone will be available on regular work days from 9AM until 9PM.

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