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Despite how busy all of the geeks are with scaling up our services to handle the increased demand in webinars, we still found some time to improve our software with some new features that make it even better for you. Here you read all about it!

New Zapier triggers

Payment systems

We’ve created a new trigger called ‘New Payment’ which allows you to connect WebinarGeek with hundreds of payment systems you can use for your paid webinars.

For instance, this new trigger makes it even easier to send your customers invoices.

New replay viewer

By popular demand, we’ve also added a second new trigger to our software. This is the so-called ‘New replay viewer’ trigger.

This brand new trigger allows you to set-up an integration for a new replay viewer of your webinar. Make sure to check it out if you already have connected your CMS to WebinarGeek with a Zapier connection!

Chat enhancements

New feature in exporting chats

You now have the option to choose whether you want to export the chat file chronologically or threaded, segmented per conversation. This way you can download the file exactly in the format you want and makes it easier for you to work with.

Improvement in functionality

If you didn’t scroll all the way down in your chat screen during your webinar, the page will now automatically give you a notice that you have new unread chat messages so you know you have to scroll down. This to make sure you don’t miss any messages from your viewers!

Scrolling the chat in the live room from WebinarGeek


We've made some changes to improve the accessibility of all standard emails. These changes will help you to increase conversions and optimize the experience for visually impaired recipients.

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