LearnProduct updatesProduct Update September 2021

It's another new month and at WebinarGeek that means it's time for new improvements! Our team has been working hard again and some great options have been added. These are useful for everyone, so read on.

Embed code generator for your channel

With the last product update, the new channel was released. And we’ve got quite a lot of enthusiastic reactions, wow! This month we are just as excited about it. You can now even customize your embed code. Your channel gets more and more personal. It is now easier to choose which webinars you want to put on your channel. You can even create multiple channels. A separate channel for your on-demand webinars or just place only the upcoming webinars? Or your series on a conveniently arranged page? You can fix this in just 1 click.

reCAPTCHA security for your webinars

Unfortunately, some webinars were found by spammers. We are now dealing with that once and for all with the new webinar security. You may know it, the "I'm not a robot" checkmark. You can now add this to your account so that all your webinars are secured and spammers no longer have a chance. The protection is hidden, so unsuspicious email addresses can sign up right away without the checkmark. How to activate it, you can read here.

Reorganize evaluation form

You have your evaluation form in perfect order but you think of a question that you would like to include. From now on you can easily drag and drop the questions on your evaluation form so that you can squeeze in that one question at the last minute. You will have adjusted it in no time! The same goes for answers, even in quizzes and polls.

Are you going to use the new features? We are very curious. Let us know the most useful update for your webinars via our live chat!

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