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Nowadays, there are all kinds of tools to present or meet online. Where Skype used to be the one and only video call tool, we now have many more tools. Because of all the different options, functionalities and possibilities, you can't see the wood for the trees anymore. Which tool is the best for your online meeting and which software do you use to host a webinar? We have listed the pros and cons.

When do you use an online meeting tool?

The word says it all: for an online meeting. You want to meet with someone online instead of physically. The main use and the most important features of such a tool are obvious. You have to be able to see and hear each other. Nowadays almost all online meeting tools are equipped with a whole load more features. For example, it is possible to record the meeting and to participate with several people.

In an online meeting tool, all participants in the meeting are visible and audible. You can have a personal conversation with each participant and also see them. Very convenient and fun, unless the group is too big, then it can get chaotic.

When do you use webinar software?

You want to share important knowledge with a large group of people. But that's not the only thing. You want to know who you are sharing that knowledge with, whether your viewers kept watching - and if not when they dropped out. Whether they understood everything, what their opinion is. You want to follow up with them and send them the recording later. All things that are not as easy with a meeting tool as with webinar software.

With webinar software, you step into the virtual spotlights. Viewers can't make themselves visible or audible during a webinar. You want the attention to really be on you and your story and not on the barking dog of a participant who unmutes himself accidentally. We hear you thinking... how do I create interaction if I can't see or hear my participants? No worries. The team at WebinarGeek has made sure there are plenty of options for that.

How does my target group experience the different tools?

Some meeting tools and webinar software require you to download an application or create an email address on that domain. With Microsoft Teams and Zoom, you are more or less persuaded to download the application, for example. WebinarGeek's software is completely browser-based and anyone can register without a download or special email address. You simply send the link to the registration page and then the subscriber gets their own unique viewing link for the webinar. Because your participant is not visible or audible, they can absorb the knowledge you provide in peace. And by at peace we mean: even in PJ’s!

What additional features does webinar software have?

Your goals are different with webinars than with an online meeting. That's why the software you use for them is different too. With webinar software, you can do so much! Viewers sign up within a few clicks, you transfer your knowledge and get just as much information out of it.

To keep the audience engaged, you add interactions to your webinar. During your presentation, you can show a poll for your viewers to vote on, a quiz to see if they are paying attention, or a call to action to make the viewers of your webinar sign up for the next webinar. Afterward, you can see exactly who chose which answer. Much more valuable than just the 'hand up' to vote (which we also have, by the way).

After the webinar is over, you've collected a hefty stash of statistics. The responses from the interactions? You can see all of those here. And that's not even the most important thing. You can also see exactly who watched for how long, when you had the most viewers, and the conversion rate of the registration page. All important information to make your next webinar even better.

All collected statistics can be exported and easily loaded into your own CRM or email marketing tool. Or link integrations you use to WebinarGeek and automate the follow-up of your warm leads. Your webinar is still a marketing/sales channel full of potential after it has ended.

Upload your own videos to show during your presentation. It can be basically any video you have on your computer or a YouTube video. No hassle with screen sharing or delays and the video is of good quality. During the video, you are not visible or audible. Optionally, you can also play a video as a webinar and go live afterward for a Q&A.

Every live webinar you host is automatically recorded. No more panic because you forgot to click record. The replay of your webinar is always exactly the same as your live webinar! Send the replay fully automated to viewers, non-viewers, or all participants.

The replay of your webinar can be reused for other webinars after the event. Add it to an automated or on-demand webinar and host webinars without having to go live. Something you can't do with a meeting tool. Then you really have to host the webinar live any time you host a webinar.

Are there many questions during a webinar that come in via chat? You're probably pretty busy with presenting and don't have time to answer every question in the chat. As soon as you hang up your meeting tool, the messages are gone and you can’t follow up on these anymore. With webinar software, you can have this all managed by a moderator. That person can immediately answer any pressing questions, and you may follow up on the rest after the webinar because you read it back in the statistics.

When the presenters are "equal" to the participants, it can get messy during a webinar when different people can talk at the same time. With webinar software, you actually appoint someone to be the presenter. Only that person can talk. You host a webinar with up to six presenters with WebinarGeek.

For what purpose is webinar software suitable?

As is probably already clear, a lot is possible with webinar software. Have you also thought about the following purposes? You will see that there is no department in your company that webinars aren't relevant for.

Product demos

Showing your product or service to a large group of people is very easily done with a webinar. You reach many potential or existing customers at once. There is no more efficient way to bring in new leads in a fast and personal way.

Online training courses

Why would you still rent a physical space to invite participants to a training? You just host a webinar. Easy for you, the students, and there are enough possibilities to keep the attention during your training.

Customer onboarding

Send your on-demand webinar to your new customers and let them see how they use your tool with screen sharing. If they have any questions, they can send them in via the question box, which you receive directly in your email.

Onboard new employees

Use webinar software to show new colleagues the ins and outs of the company in one fell swoop. Let them get acquainted with different departments and of course, the house rules within your organization. Completely automatically, without having to schedule a meeting each time.


With the current job market, you need to give your company a face. For the most efficient recruitment sessions, webinars are the tool to use! Present your company and vacancies to a group of interested people and use videos to reinforce the image of your company. Afterward, you can also see who watched until the end!

Internal communication

You spread a message personally, quickly, and effectively among all colleagues with webinars. Even if some of them cannot be there live, they do not have to miss a thing. Afterward, they can simply watch the replay of your webinar with their unique viewing link.

Live events

Your live events have never been so easily accessible to anyone from anywhere in the world. Host your conference online or use the webinar to stream your physical event live to whoever wants to see it.

Video podcasts and interviews

Stream your podcasts or interviews live. After you host the live webinar, easily convert it to an on demand webinar. You then continue to make use of this valuable content because people can still watch it.

Conclusion: meeting tool vs. webinar software

As you've read, the possibilities are endless, but one thing is clear. An online meeting tool is really only meant to have a meeting or appointment that you would normally host physically but now happens digitally.

With webinar software, you can do so much more! It is incredibly valuable to analyze the viewing behavior of your participants and segment based on that. If you use webinar software instead of a meeting tool, you can be sure that your webinar will run smoothly.

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